How to Choose the Best Hairstyle for Your Face

How to Choose the Best Hairstyle for Your Face

How to choose a perfect haircut? If you feel like changing your appearance and trying something new, the best advice is to be bold. But before putting yourself in the hands of a professional stylist, it’s worth exploring what will work best for your unique features. We at Bright Side are convinced that there’s nothing better than emerging from a salon and feeling like a million dollars. So here’s a guide to help you achieve it.

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Which hairstyle suits your face
An oval 0:37
A circle 0:58
A rectangle 1:19
A heart 1:37
Diamond 1:57
Square 2:17
What your hairstyle can reveal about you
Pixie cut or very short hair 2:42
Bob cut or above-the-shoulder hairstyle 3:03
Shoulder-length cut 3:25
Long or very long hair 3:42

– Actually, any hairstyle works for an oval-shaped face. However, to emphasize your best features, you should choose medium-length hair, light waves, or a bob.
– If you have a round face, you should try to make it look longer. Don’t cut your hair shorter than the level of your chin.
– A rectangle face has a defined chin and cheekbones. Here are three hairstyles that work best for this kind of face: long hair with a fringe, medium waves, and a fringe, or a bob with a fringe.
– A V-shaped face is defined by a distinctive chin. Try the following hairstyles to draw more attention to your cheeks and eyes: medium-length flow, medium-length curls, and a side ponytail.
– If you have a diamond-shaped face, it’s a good idea to soften the appearance of the cheeks and avoid accentuating straight lines. Try one of these styles: medium-length with side parting, a thick fringe with waves, or pixie style.
– You need to soften sharp corners to make your face look rounder. Here are the hairstyles that cover the cheeks and work best for you: multiple layers, long curls, and a short sideways fringe.

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