How to cut Women's short hair like Audrey Hepburn haircut Preview - 53

How to cut Women's short hair like Audrey Hepburn haircut Preview – 53

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Stacey Broughton’s salon basic haircut is an essential shape to learn. Combining street-chic and the classic images of Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, we use simple yet precise cutting techniques that can be achieved by hairdressers of any level. The result is a fitted elegant soft crop with emphasis on the conical interior which enhances the head shape.

Model Andrea // Hair Colour Dark on a level 3 // Hair Type Thick and coarse
Technical Skills Blunt Cutting | Club Cutting | Freehand Cutting | Layering | Over-Direction | Point Cutting | Round Layering | Scissors-Over-Comb | Sectioning | Uniform Layer
Contributor Stacey Broughton // Make-Up Artist Clayre Sodeau // Photographer Jamie Harrison

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