How to cut women's short hair - Short Overlapping Layered Haircut - Preview 223

How to cut women's short hair – Short Overlapping Layered Haircut – Preview 223

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Mazella&Palmer’s salon creative haircut is a short overlapping layered haircut with a strong visual outline and a bowl fringe created for the Fitz collection and demonstrated exclusively for

Jean Baptiste Mazella creates a triangle section on the top of the head surrounded by a horseshoe section, two side sections and a sloping diagonal section in the back. He starts on the right hand side of the lower back section to create a flat graduated shape and repeats on the left side. This will overlap, which will then create a guide through the centre. On the right and left hand side panels he cuts a flat line, working these sections to the back to connect.

In the horseshoe fringe sections he cuts a round line from the centre down towards just above the top of the ear and repeats the same process with a further parallel section, over directing down and continuing the guide throughout the section. On the third section Jean Baptiste continues his process with slight elevation to form a graduated curved perimeter and repeats the same process on the second side.

In the triangle section, he takes a vertical section on the top to the right hand side, uses the back layering as a guide and cuts an A-line shape with slight elevation from the back of the ear towards just above the jaw line throughout the section, connecting to the outline, with slight elevation. He then takes a vertical section on the left hand side through the top and cuts a square line, continuing with vertical sections across and over-directing to the first section.

The finished result is a flat symmetrical silhouette supporting an offset weightless disconnection and a partially concealed bowl fringe.

Model Poppy // Hair Colour Depth of a level 6 // Hair Type Medium to fine texture and density
Technical Skills Around the ear outline | Asymmetric | Bevelling | Blow Drying | Blunt Cutting | Body Position | Club Cutting | Comb Techniques | Created outline | Creating Patterns | Cross Checking | Curved lines | Disconnection | Elevation | Finger Position | Graduation | Internal Graduated Layering | Layering | Natural outline | Over-Direction | Point Cutting | Scissor Control | Scissors | Scissors-Over-Comb | Sectioning | Tension | Uniform Layer | With a fringe
Contributor Mazella&Palmer // Make-Up Artist Melissa Bourne // Photographer Jamie Harrison
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