What’s up with the new Kat Von D Foundation? 🤔

Today we are going to try the new KVD True Portrait foundation, and see how it looks after 10 hours!

I was genuinely curious about this foundation when I first saw the marketing images for it. Like *most* purchases these days, I did a little pros vs cons in my head to decide whether to get it or not.
There are several reasons why I’ve been less interested in kvd products lately (feel free to research this on your own and form your own opinion)
But alas, some of my most viewed videos are reviews of kvd products.. plus there are hardly ANY reviews on this stuff so…i bought it and i’m gonna review it. bada bing. lol ok let’s get into it.

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KVD True Portrait Foundation:

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  1. Johanna Denise says:

    Great video as always! 🖤Alice I need you to make an updated eyebrow routine because I’m shit at doing mines and yours are amazing please and thank you ✨🖤

  2. Hexenkunst _ says:

    You are so beautiful 🖤 . I was curious about this foundation but I have dry skin and I think this won’t work.

  3. karine nalt says:

    Love kat von d brand!! Awesome products and cruelty free!!

  4. MoonlightKitten23 says:

    I love your reviews! You’re one of the few Youtuber’s that I actually trust💖😅

  5. FYI Comment Section: It’s a liquid to powder foundation so when if you wet the sponge to blend it out, of course it will pick up the foundation 🙂 It’s a light to medium (build-able to a point) coverage, as there’s already a full one and alot of her customer base have asked for a lighter foundation. You have to find the right application technique for your skin, like with any product what works for one person won’t work for another. I’m super oily, and I’ve not used a powder at all with this foundation, I haven’t needed to even touch up anything throughout the day. For people of drier skin types, you know your prep work helps the way foundations look. The social media community in general have gotten so used to full coverage being the norm they find it hard to step back when reviewing foundations I find, as for the comment regarding bringing out a concealer and powder range to go with, I wouldn’t fix what ain’t broken. I haven’t even used any concealer or powder with this, been wearing it for two weeks since it came out. Get samples people have a try. Then at least you don’t waste money. 🙂 I still need to buy that brush Alice, I remember what you did with the oil and the Lock It and I need to try it ASAP. Look mint!

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